Its a sultry Beast

to the 3rd power

2400cc 3 cylinders 100 HP 100 foot-lbs torque ALL HAND MADE

I envisioned a bike that I wanted but didn't exist

and then I went to work to build it.  I wanted a unique and beautiful machine with massive torque and heart thumping sound and great handling.  A COOL Triple!  A bike that although is 2.4 litre, isn't a pig.  My hope for this was focused on a radial 3 cylinder engine that didn't exist, that could fly a plane or power other cool machines.   My weight goal for this bike was under 600 lbs and I achieved under 500.  I am so pleased with how this has turned out.  It has been a very rewarding journey.  The genius and simplicity of the segmented case that doesn't leak.   The way the exhaust pipes twist and turn and fool the eye into thinking "organic".  This is new and fascinating and has never been done.  The tank is a composite of epoxyglass, kevlar, wood and foam.  B3, which is what I call the bike, is wired without a keyed ignition.  It is started by my pressing existing buttons and switches in the proper order and magically the oil pump turns on and THEN, the engine will turn over.  I included a safeguard.  If oil pressure is lost for any reason. the engine shuts off to prevent damage.  I can go on and on but suffice it to say that I think this may be the coolest bike ever made.  And perhaps the last truly innovative motorcycle design.

Kevin DeShazer