Some of my Designs

Here is a little bit about me. 

 I have a 4 year manufacturing engineer degree and 33 years engineering experience.  I also attended and graduated 2 years of trade school to be a machine tool maker and precision sheet metal mechanic while I was in high school.  After graduating, I worked for a company that manufactures synthetic industrial diamond where I invented a company private process.  Next I worked for Boeing in Seattle as a Manufacturing Research and Development Engineer for 11 years most of which was supporting the Wind Tunnel and Flight Test Development of the 777.  Most recently I have worked for an OEM automotive company that has promoted me to the position of Principal Engineer.  I am excellent designing in CAD and also program and run a CNC mill.  I also do some PLC programming.  I am proud to say that I have designed and built many successful and unique production machines and tools some of which you can see photos of on this website.  I have submitted patents for my employer as well as for myself.  What I am most proud of is when co-workers prefer my tools.  I have submitted a patent application on the Beastie3 bike design.  I am also considering utility patent submissions related to the Beastie engine.  This engine could be successfully utilized on homebuilt aircraft.

What follows is a bit about the engine and bike I designed and built.​

Engine is a totally original 2.4 litre 3 cylinder "Y" configuration Radial, designed and built by me.  Master and connecting rods are designed around a Moto Guzzi 850 crank utilizing Fordal aluminum and titanium pins.  Cylinders are modified Continental 0-360 aircraft.  Hydraulic lifters and cams operate inside my lifter body.  Separate oil system is my design run by electric pumps and fed via copper and stainless tubing.  My electronic design assure if pump pressure is lost, engine electronics are cut-off thereby preventing dry running.  Separate small sump pump is mounted to the bottom cylinder to remove excess oil that will collect during idle time thereby preventing hydraulic cylinder lock.  The "spider monkey" aluminum intake is my design that feeds all three cylinders via single Mikuni carburetor.  My SS exhaust is "pig-tail" coiled to assure all pipes are of equal length.  I designed and built the valve covers to drain excess oil back into the engine case.  The engine case is my original design from Aluminum plate sealed via O-ring cord and bolted together thereby eliminating the need for a cast case.

Frame began life as a Moto Guzzi V11 sport but has been modified beyond recognition.  It has been lengthened and an entirely new custom neck installed with supports for mounting to the Radial engine.  I built a lower section to operate the proper foot controls and hold the battery.  I created a support bearing mount to prevent drive shaft wobble.  Rear swingarm was heavily "hollowed" to prevent drive shaft interference while swingarm moves to its extremes.  I designed and built the seat frame.

I designed and built the tank from scratch.  It began with balsa wood ribs and balsa sheeting with foam tips as one might build a model airplane.  This structure was then covered with many layers of fiberglass and epoxy and the internal ribs and foam were removed and flanges were cut and installed.  I made the leather seat to fit the frame I built.  I designed and wired all the electronics for the bike including building the spark trigger unit.  My hand and foot control levers are made from aircraft pushrods.  The shift knob works in conjunction with the foot shift lever so one can shift either method.  The turn signal/brake light unit is my design.I made the cast iron brake rotors on the front wheel.  

2400cc 3 cylinders 100 HP 100 foot-lbs torque ALL HAND MADE